15 ways to make money with Bitcoin in 2020


Bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency of the world, and many things might’ve changed, but it is still synonymous with the digital currency. There are numerous ways through which you can earn a lot. The ways are simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Mining Bitcoin:

This is similar to mining, but you are doing it on a computer. So what’s Bitcoin mining? The primary purpose is to make the Bitcoin. Miners use special software to solve complex math problems, and that produces Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Faucets:

This task is simple. There are plenty of websites that will pay you for looking at ads, and get paid. These sites generate their revenue through ads, so you will be paid for short surveys, and captchas also.

Pay To Click (PTC) Websites:

PTC is the popular way of advertisement and wherever you go, this will be there. Not on every site, but many of the sites use this form. You can find various sites that will pay in Bitcoin you for ads, and clicking on them.

Doing Micro Jobs

Doing Micro Jobs:

Various sites will ask you to fill forms or go through a survey, and in return, you will be paid in Bitcoins. This is a quick buck that you can make.

Writing about bitcoin

The market of cryptocurrency is demanding, and if you are into writing, there is a lot that you can do. There is a dearth of writers in the field, and you can earn a lot in Bitcoins.

Help others, get tipped in bitcoin

Sites like Bitcfortip will pay you in Bitcoins in return for your services. You will get Bitcoin for helping others. Apart from doing community service, you will also be earning.

Gambling bitcoin

Bitcoin gambling is very popular. It is fun, and if you are ready, you will earn a lot. From slots to card games, you will find a lot of games on the Bitcoin casinos.

Buying and Holding

You will need a wallet to keep your Bitcoins safe. Start by getting a wallet before you start it. You can also get digital wallets for free.

Signature campaign:

If you are an avid Bitcoin fan, and you have developed a reputation in the forums, then your bitcoin can contain a signature. You will get paid by the sponsors.


Bitcoin Trading

This is similar to normal trading. You buy bitcoin at a low price, and then sell it at a low price. The difference is your profit.

Bitcoin as payment:

If you are selling, then accept it as payment. You can sell anywhere, and the trade is less cheap as there is an absence of third party facilitators.

Lending bitcoin:

You can lend Bitcoin to potential borrowers, and earn a decent sum over it. Instead of holding, you will be able to do business with it.

Binary Trading with bitcoin

Binary trading is another option. It has already made it in the BVictoin trading, and you can do it. With a little bit of analysis, you will not regret it.


You can generate sales leads for the project, and in return, you will get paid in Bitcoins.

Being a master node

Being a master node:

You can serve as a master node for all other digital currencies, and get paid for your services.


There are numerous ways through which you will earn Bitcoins, and that can be exchanged for real money. A little bit of research on the subject will not hurt.


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