Differences between forex trading, and gambling


There are a lot of things that come in to play when you are in Forex. There have been attempts to simplify the process, but trading is complex. This is because market changes and these are unprecedented. It is more than buying and selling.  You can say that it’s closely related to gambling as there is a high amount of risk involved in it. There are however some fundamental differences between the two, that separate them with each other.

Trading Versus Gambling:

Leaving the experts, the occasional gamblers don’t have a strategy. They gamble without any though or very little thought. They just ply to pass their time. Some unsophisticated traders don’t have anything in their lot, and they simply trade with no strategy. They start trading without even planning for it. They have a lot in common with the occasional gamblers. Even though if they have a strategy, they haven’t tested it in a demo account to see how it works. Their sole purpose is to trade in the market for the sake of excitement that comes with it, and this is more similar to making a bet in gambling.

Trading Forex as a Business

Trading Forex as a Business

If the trader is not employing a strategy, he is not playing from his right mind. There is a need to do that. Similarly, betting is gambling in a casino, but the way you approach it and adopt tactics turns it into a serious business. An experienced player who is playing a certain card game that he has developed skill at will get an edge over the game. The forex trader must have a strategy on how to go forward in the trade. This has to be followed thoroughly and implemented with discipline. In the end, make a total of wins, and losses to get the final picture.

Reward ratio:

One of the things that can reduce the gambling nature of the trade is to assess the reward ratio. This is where you compute the risk that you are willing to take against the potential return you will get on trade. This requires hard work, and you have to have an understanding of all the factors that can impact your trade. Take the help of the internet, and read the basics thoroughly if you are starting, you will get the idea in no time.

Choosing Forex Risk Reward Ratios

Choosing Forex Risk Reward Ratios:

This matters a lot. The amount of risk that you have to take should be at least half for the return that you are projecting. Based on your ratio, you can optimize, and assess your business properly. The traders who fail to consider this will not gain an enhanced position in the market, and ion forex every single detail matters.


Forex is the best for new traders. The amount of risk is high, and so is the outcome. The foremost thing that you can do is to analyze the markets properly and come to your understanding before jumping into it.


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